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A Spherical cap with the flat face
adjacent to the shank. 
This is a form of mushroom head. 

With an 80-82 angle for use where flush surface is desired. Countersunk section aids centering. 

Raised Hexagon Washer Head Flat Head (100) Countersink)
A Thin section of a hexagonal prism
with a spherical cap. mounting a 
thin cylindrical section greater than
the A/F dimension of the hexagon

Large head distributes pressure over larger and less angular surface. For use with thin aluminum soft plastics.

Clutch Head Flat Head (Undercut) 
A Countersunk slotted head with two quarters of the head removed so that the screw may be driven in one direction only 


Standard flat head screw with lower one-third of countersink removed for production of short screws. Permits flush assemblies in thin stock. 

Round Pan Head Flat Top Binding Head
A Thin cylindrical section, the edge remote from the shank being radiused and surmounted with a spherical cap.

Gives large bearing surface with low head height, but poor slot contour. Almost obsolete due to popularity of truss head. 

Shallow Cup Head Hexagon Head (Finished)
A spherical cap with a flat face adjacent to the shank.  

Integral washer under head is slightly smaller than diameter across flat; protects the work against disfigurement by head corners during tightening  

Square Head Acorn Head  
A section of a square prism often chamfered on its upper surface. 

Domed Hexagon locates sockets wrenches quickly. Slot permits screwdriver operation. Combines good appearance, fast assembly protection to work surfaces.

12 Point Head Binding Head  
A lightweight head, largely designed for aircraft use with A/F and A/C dimensions much smaller then the hexagon head on male fasteners of corresponding thread sizes.

Undercut beneath head binds and eliminates fraying of standard wire in electric work. Ample bearing surface.

Flat Fillister Head    
Similar to standard fillister but without oval top section. Suitable for counter bored holes requiring flush screw.



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