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A Further Form of deflected thread interference, again operating on the flanks of the form. 

Both of these systems provide 
prevailing torque properties by forcing 
the fastener threads into close 
contact with the mating form. 

Their efficiency does, however, rely on
a smooth lead-in being provided on the
mating thread.

If this condition is not present the
nylon can be sheared off instead of
deformed and a loss of interference
for repeated applications and have no
tendency to damage the mating
thread. They are not however,
suitable for high temperature

Long Lok Bolt

Longlok Above

Wedgelok Above


The present day equivalent of the wedgelok and Longlok systems are the coated or patch types, such as Eslok, Locwel and Circloc.

The Eslok method employs a patch of powdered nylon fused to the threads of the fastener. The 'Locwel' has a strip of nylon adhesive bonded onto the thread form and the 'Circloc' has a spiral band wrapped around.

Whiz-Tite Locking

Whiz-Tite Locking, underside or
bearing surface has a series of
spiralling serratims or teeth whose
shape, height and radius produce a
high break loose torque.

The Convex angle of the base further
improves the locking effectiveness of
the teeth.


A Tri-lobed screw wit the crests of the thread finned to a larger diameter then the basic major. Interference is obtained between the finned portion and the major diameter of the female thread to which it is applied. The tri-lobbed form assists in deforming the metal at the major diameter of the thread.

E-Lok Bolt  

A deflected thread from which is used to obtain interference.

The deflected threads may be located at any point over the thread length to suit the application.

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